Friday, August 26, 2011

Future my kitchen at Envy my cooking & Organize my pantry

 *Today  Karla & Jenny from Envy my cooking
they are going to host me to their wonderful blog!
They 're going to future my kitchen!
Girls a big thank you!!  :)


* * *

Almost every month I clean my pantry!
But after a week or more and as much as I try to keep it neat,
it looks like never been cleaned before!
But this time things are better!
 I found a rotating serving tray (I bought it from IKEA 4 years ago)
 hidden in the basementand I decided to use it.
 With the rotating serving tray and some jars  look what happened...

My pantry before

and after

The jars are also from Ikea.
 I want now to print some cute labels for them!

It's been two weeks now since the last cleaning and the pantry still looks neat (yeahhh!)


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  1. Nice job on the pantry Maria. I am pleased to follow your blog and hope you will follow mine also. Must be wonderful to live in Greece.

  2. Very nice lady!!! I'm with you seems I'm organizing way too often looks like yours is for keeps this time btw I love the jars!


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