Friday, April 20, 2012

My new home office

 At a previous post I told you about a project my new home office  !
 Today I 'm going to saw you some pictures of it.
 It's not complete. I need to add some personal touches and a  chair!
 For now I will share with you some pics from my new space which I create in my kitchen! 
Where I blog now :)


An old black office from Ikea! It was a stock item!


My little space! My corner!
Where I blog!

Instead of a black board I used an old wooden tray!
 I don't have a before picture but the colour of the tray was brown

My son gave me this Valentine's card ! He did it at school!

The small aqua vase is from Zara Home.
 The candle is a baptism favor of a family friend.
The stone is from Mylopotamos beach.
 I found it as it is with the shells stuck on it!

The space between the cabinet and the gypsum board is 31,5 inches (81,5 cm)
Enough space for one person :)

I need to find a chair for it. Now I use a chair from the dinning table!

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  1. Oh I envy you! I carry my lap-top from room to room, looking for solitude to blog!

  2. I wish I had a space for me to just sit down and blog, I have to do it at the dinner table when everyone has gone to sleep. My husband has taken over the office so that is not an option. Stopping by from the Feature yourself Friday link party

  3. This is so cute! I'm doing the same thing with a table in a few weeks, I'm excited to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!!

  4. I love little spaces! They can be so personal, and this one definitely is!

  5. That was your small corner brought by your passion in writing. This is small but very functional! You got it right about personalizing the space and it turned to be a stylish-personal home office table.


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