Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pictures from our Easter holidays

The Orthodox Easter was on the 15th of April.
 We went out of town for four days.
Pelion is our favorite destination.
Mountains and  beautiful beaches 
I want to share with you some pictures from Pelion.
Two days before Easter the weather was cloudy and windy.
 The tradition says that every Good Friday God cries for Jesus and that's why the weather is raining.
But the Easter day the weather was great. We had our Easter lunch outside and we enjoy the sun.

St Kyriaki. A small fish village at Pelion. 

St Kyriaki. Fish tavern. They let the octopus dry outside
 and then they cook them on fire. All the week before Easter we don't eat any meat
 or dairy products. Vegetables, pasta, fresh salads, sea food. 

As we leaving St Kyriaki.

The view from our car.

On the way back to Agria. Our hotel was in Agria.

From St Kyriaki to Agria was two hours driving.

The view from our hotel room.

The sunset from our hotel room

 The other side of Pelion. The Mountains.
Cool waters and a lot of trees.

Mylopotamos beach. We try to visit Mylopotamo every time we visit Pilion. Winter or summer. If the weather let us, because during the winter there is too much snow.

Milies , Famous village of Pelion

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