Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eight ways to eat watermelon

Watermfelon! A summer fruit!
 My favourite fruit! I could eat it every day!
 Is so good for your health and your diet!

 Eight ways to eat watermelon

  • Greek watermelon pie (karpouzopita)
  • Serve it with honey...

Watermelon jam
Watermelon Jam

    Greek syrupy sweet from the skin of watermelon.
  •  Greeks  make syrupy sweets almost from everything. (cherries, figs, orange, olives, lemons, strawberries, chestnuts, small tomatoes and many others)


  •  Watermelon ice cubes. I saw that recipe on Rachael Ray's site and I loved it!
  •  Also try to freeze just the juice of watermelon and every time you use the ice cubes let them melt in your drinks and enjoy!
    Watermelon Ice Cubes

  •  Salad with watermelon and feta cheese. A combination that rocks! Just try it!

Watermelon smoothie. The perfect summer drink.
 When I have summer parties at my home I serve watermelon daiquiris .
Easy to make them Just add  In your blender  pieces of watermelon ,some brown sugar, ice,  gin and blend them.  
                   Watermelon Daiquiri Recipe
  •  Just enjoy it fresh cut ....

  •  A different way.... Korres nail polish Watermelon


Watermelon  king of  summer fruits!

Do you have a favourite fruit?

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