Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ponytails ! A trend you will love!

This summer I was  obsessed with ponytails!
 I believe this trend will continue in the winter too!
It is easy to wear them and make them on your own!
Either to go to the supermarket or even to a formal dinner!
It's like DIY for hair:)
  I found a nice article on the Internet for ponytails do's and don'ts!
 You can read it  Here.
There is also this lady, Kate from  It's the small things ,
a professional hairstylist . You can find on her blog really good tips for hair styling ( and not only)!


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  1. I wish I had enough energy to NOT put my hair in a ponytail! Haha, it's just so easy though...

  2. This is a great collection. I am growing my hair out so I can do the pony tail. I am following you via Crystal and Co :) I would love a follow back at

  3. I wish I had long hair! I am trying to grow it my I'm starting to get very impatient! If I do grow it I would definitely wear my hair in a ponytail!

    Thanks so much for linking this post to my Pinning & Singing Party! I loved it.

    Best wishes and I hope you can link up again soon!

  4. I have long hair so I am loving this pony tail inspiration!


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